Known Issues and Clarifications

Greetings Captains!

In an effort to help dispel some common points of confusion, we in Player Support have assembled a number of unclear subjects or bugs with simple workarounds that we address on a regular basis. The hope is that by proactively spreading this information, we can help you avoid these inconveniences altogether while we work to make improvements on our end.


Lost Accounts:

When you start an account, it does not automatically link to your email address (unless you setup your account using Facebook), meaning that should you become logged out, you may not be able to log back in. If it appears that you have lost your progress in the game, this means that you are not logged into your original account and have received a new one. This may also mean that when switching to a new device, you may not be able to log into your original account. To prevent this, you should Create an Account or Link to an existing Account as soon as possible (if you are not linked to an Account, you will still see a Daily Mission in game to do so). Once this is done, you will be able to log into your account manually after clearing the tutorial, should you become logged out for any reason.

More information can be found here.


Currency Display:

When any type of currency is added manually or via mass in-game message, your new balance of that currency may not display immediately. If you receive an amount of Chronitons or other currency in an in-game message, you should restart your game in order to force your balance to update.


Battle Arena Ranks:

Players can become unranked in any of the Battle Arena Divisions if they do not play a battle in that Division for 14 days or more. This is an intentional process to remove inactive players from the ranks, however we are seeking clearer in-game indication of this.


Crew Dismissal:

If you are trying to Dismiss a Crew Member but find the Dismissal button greyed out, this means your Crew is occupied on either a Shuttle Mission, Voyage, or Ship Battle Station. In addition to checking your active Shuttle Missions, active Voyage, and your Battle Arena Ships in all three Divisions, you will also need to check that they are not on your PvE Ship, which you can only do by selecting a Ship Battle from an Episode and entering the preparation screen. If you check all of these areas and do not find the Crew member, yet they still appear as occupied, try setting them to one of the PvE stations, playing a battle, and then removing them.


Time Portal Results:

You will sometimes see an "empty" chest icon appear among your rewards when you pull from the Time Portal. This is a simple display issue, and tapping and holding the chest will show you what reward you received in that slot. This is a known issue.


Event Offers with Time Portal Packs:

Some Event-themed Offers include a number of free Time Portal pulls. These pulls do not need to be used immediately, however they must be used before the associated Event pack swaps out of the Time Portal, at which point those pulls will become inaccessible. We are seeking clearer in-game indication of this.


Freezing on Message of the Day:

Some players have experienced an issue where they are unable to close out the Message of the Day, blocking them from accessing the rest of the game. This issue appears to be linked predominantly to the LGE Nexus 5X, and some players have reported that changing the resolution settings on their device may clear up this issue, as well as logging in from another device. This issue has also been known to clear up on its own after a few days, but may return at a later time.


Get Menu/Mission Item Drop Discrepancies:

We currently have a pervasive issue in which the Get Menu for locating Items provides incorrect Missions or Difficulties for some Items. The most common version of this issue is one where a Mission that offers an Item as a Rare Reward continues to be listed after that Rare Reward is permanently claimed. The best way to confirm whether a Mission does offer the Item in question as a drop is to check the Mission's loot table before engaging. We are currently working on identifying and adjusting all instances of this issue.


Event Phase Ended Message:

Some players have observed an error message while trying to play in certain Event types, stating that the current Phase of the Event has ended, when that is not the case. We are currently working on a fix for this issue. For now, however, please note that restarting the app should clear this error and allow you to continue playing it the Event.

Facebook on Google Chrome:

Some players on Facebook via Google Chrome have encountered an issue where their game is blocked by a "CS Login" page, interacting with which does nothing. This is a result of a recent change to Google Chrome that is gradually being rolled out to users. While we work on a fix for this issue, a workaround can be achieved by following these steps:

  1. Visit this link: chrome://flags/#same-site-by-default-cookies

  2. In the row labeled, “SameSite by default cookies” click on the dropdown box and set its value to disabled.


If you have encountered any of the above issues, we hope this guide has been helpful! This is of course not a complete list of known issues in the game, and should you encounter any other issues or need additional help, please do feel free to contact us at Wicked Realm Games Support, where we will do everything we can to get it sorted out.


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