Gauntlet FAQ

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The Gauntlet

How long does a specific Gauntlet last?
Currently each Gauntlet has a duration of 48 hours.

While in the Gauntlet my Crew Skill numbers are lower than they should be.
For the Gauntlet the proficiency of your crew is taken into account, not the base skill stat.
Proficiency is the number range found next to the base skill stat.

I chose the wrong Crew what can I do?
You will not be able to change your crew for the current Gauntlet you are participating in.
You will be able to pick a new team for the next Gauntlet.

What do the numbers on the Gauntlet icon mean?
Those numbers represent how many of your Crew are available to engage in the current Gauntlet at any given time.
If 2 of your Crew are incapacitated the number shown will be 3.
If the Gauntlet has ended it shows that you have rewards to collect.

How can I check the status of my crew?
Selecting any opponent will show you your Crew and their current state.
If you do not wish to engage that particular opponent you can safely go back to the previous screen.

I chose my Crew based on the featured skill and when I look at opponents other skills are shown.
While the featured skill has a greater chance to appear more often, other skills will be presented as well.
It is important to have a balanced distribution of skills among your crew.

Why do my Crew keep losing against opponents with lower stats?
The Gauntlet is extremely volatile; every check in an engagement is resolved by random number generator. Skill checks generate a number within the Proficiency range of the engaged Crew member, which can then be modified if a Critical Hit is triggered. The rate at which Critical Hits occur, as well as the amount by which they modify the result, are also random. This means that it is always possible for an upset, and you can never be assured of victory.


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