How to change your Email Address

When you start Star Trek Timelines, depending on your platform of choice, your account will either be automatically synced to an email address that you use for that platform, or no email address will be synced.

However, you can change the email address associated with your account at any time. Knowing what email address your account is linked to will ensure that you can log into that account, should you become signed out for any reason.

To change the email address associated with your account:

  • Please go to
    • Log in with your email and password if you have them
    • If you play on Facebook or created your account using Facebook, click the Facebook button to log in
    • If you know you do not have a password, click "forgot password?" at the top of the page and enter the email address that you use for the platform that you play Star Trek Timelines on (iTunes, Google Play, Facebook, or Steam)--it may already be in the system
  • Click the "Email" tab and enter the new email address that you would like to use
  • Go to your email inbox and follow the directions in the confirmation email that you have been sent

If none of these options yield an existing account, contact our Player Support to set an email address to your account, as there may be a placeholder address set by the game in absence of your own.


Note: If an account has a valid email address linked to it, Player Support will need to verify your ownership of the account before changing it.

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