What do I do in Star Trek Timelines?

  • Away-Team missions: In away-team missions, you follow a story involving a conflict that you must resolve. There are multiple ways to solve any of these missions (e.g., you could try a more diplomatic route vs. a combative route). Success will depend on your selection of the right crew members and then using them for the right challenges during the course of the mission’s story.

  • Starship Battles: You will frequently encounter hostile aliens and familiar characters from alternate universes and timelines, where they may have radically different attitudes. Friends may turn out to be foes, and foes could become surprising allies. Success in ship battles depends on choosing the right combination of crew members to counter a particular opponent, and then using their abilities in the course of combat.

  • Faction missions: In addition to the starship battles and away-team missions where you direct the action, you can also send your crewmembers off on their own missions. If your crew is successful on a faction mission, they’ll return with training that can increase their level. Faction missions can also provide equipment, components, and reputation with the various factions in Star Trek Timelines.

  • Ship customization: In Star Trek Timelines, you can unlock and customize many iconic ships from the Star Trek universe. Starting with your Constellation-class, you can unlock Galaxy-class ships, the Defiant, Ferengi D’Kora cruisers - even a Borg scout cube!

  • Player-vs-Player Combat: Fight your friends and enemies in ship combat! Face off against their crew and ships and climb the ranks to earn amazing rewards. Compete against the best to win better and better awards every day!
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