Which era/series/universe is Star Trek Timelines set in?

All of the eras that have ever been televised: the Original Series (TOS), the animated series, the Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space 9 (DS9), Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery; and all of the films that features the characters from these series. You’ll see characters from all of your favorite episodes, along with famous villains and allies.

You have the opportunity to meet all your favorite characters from across all the different eras--Kirk, Spock, Picard, Worf, Data, Janeway, the Doctor, Sisko, Garak, Quark, Archer, and Burnham are a few of the many, many characters you’ll interact with in Star Trek Timelines.

The game also features iconic lines spoken by your favorite characters, retrieved from the original CBS master records of the episodes--as well as an all-new performance by John de Lancie (“Q”).


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