Understanding your Crew

Your crew is essential to Star Trek Timelines: you’ll assemble your own “dream team” of characters from across all the different eras.

If you ever wanted to see what it would be like to have Spock, Picard and Seven of Nine on the same crew--now is your chance!

As a captain, you’ll be directing the action and choosing which of your crew members to use in various situations. Deciding who to use, how to apply them and where to invest your resources developing characters will be key to your success.

Each crew member has a level, their skills, and their star rating. Crew members also come with different abilities, traits, and can equip iconic items from the Star Trek universe.

  • Level represents the overall advancement of a crew member; as they increase in level, their other characteristics will improve. You can increase a crew member’s level by sending them on Away Team missions, or by training them.

  • Star Rating. Each crew member has a star rating that reflects their rarity in Star Trek Timelines, and roughly equates to their ultimate potential. When you first recruit a crew member, they will begin with one star; you can increase the star rating by fusing a crew member with the same crew member of equivalent star rating (e.g., if you have two of the same crew with one star, and they have a potential of at least two stars, then you may fuse them to gain a more powerful crew member of two stars). Crew with more stars will typically be more powerful than other crew of the same level. Star Rating is catagorized as follows:
    • Common (Gray): 1-star maximum
    • Uncommon (Green): 2-star maximum
    • Rare (Blue): 3-star maximum
    • Super-Rare (Purple): 4-star maximum
    • Legendary (Gold): 5-star maximum

  • Skills are a numeric score that represents the competency of a particular crew member in a given domain. The higher the number, the better the crew member is at that task. There are six skills, and each crew member may have a score in up to three of these:
    • Diplomacy: how effective this crew member is in negotiating and resolving political conflicts. Crew who are skilled in this area may frequently avoid violence.
    • Security: the ability to handle tense and often violent situations through their training with weapons and familiarity with tactics.
    • Command: leadership potential and familiarity with Starfleet operations and procedures--crew with high amounts of command don’t always know how to do something themselves, but they know how to get the best results of the resources available to them.
    • Science: general scientific know-how--high science scores will increase the likelihood of succeeding in situations involving experimental procedures, understanding strange new worlds, and the fundamentals of 23rd/24th Century physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry.
    • Engineering: a score in this skill will enable crew to make use of a wide variety of Starfleet and alien technologies, design and build technical solutions to problems, and make the best use of computers.
    • Medicine: emergency medical procedures, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, and knowledge of human and xeno-biology.

  • Ability. During starship battles, each crew member has abilities they contribute to your ship. Some abilities help in fairly specific situations; for example, Spock has the ability to counter the cloaking ability on hostile starships. Others are more general, giving you better defense or offense. Mixing and matching your crew’s abilities is how you’ll be able to win against the most challenging starship captains!

  • Traits. Crew members also have unique traits which reflect their specializations and uniqueness. There are over a hundred possible traits, and these include racial associations (e.g., the “Klingon” trait) as well as traits associated with particular jobs (“Pilot” or “Warrior”) and even attitudes (“Resourceful”).  These traits provide boosts in certain situations that you’ll discover as you play and replay missions.

  • Equipment. Crew members also have four equipment slots; this equipment provides bonuses to their skills, ability, and certain stats used in starship battles. By improving their equipment, you're able to increase their stats and overcome even more difficult challenges!

Your ultimate goal is to advance your Crew to the point of Immortalization. When a Crew member  reaches level 100, equips all available Items, and achieves the maximum Star Rating possible for them, they will become Immortal. You may then store them in Cryostasis, allowing you to cycle them in and out of your Crew Quarters as needed.

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