What can I earn in the game?

As you play through Timelines, you’ll earn different currencies that let you acquire items, crew, and components. Credits, merits, and dilithium are the main ways you’ll be able to add crew to your starship, and can give you an edge up on your fellow captains!

Although Starfleet operates within a “post-scarcity” economy, certain resources (such as human beings, certain weapon and starship construction materials, etc.) are still limited. Federation Credits are used in situations such as training crew, upgrading starships, and building certain equipment. You earn Federation Credits by completing missions.

Merits are a type of trophy you earn for completing Daily Missions. You may turn them in for rewards at a faction’s homeworld. Merits let you earn faction-specific items, like items from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance or the Romulans. As you start increasing your reputation with those factions, you can turn in your merits for better equipment, ship components, and transmissions for your shuttle teams!

Dilithium is a rare material that is important for operating warp technologies. Dilithium may be exchanged at the Time Portal for premium crew and equipment. Dilithium is the “premium currency” that can be used for a higher chance of getting rare crew, ships, and rare items.

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