What can I expect from a Time Portal pack?

Tapping into the Time Portal can help you make contact with individuals from various places and times in the multiverse and add them to your Crew. However, the Time Portal can be unpredictable, and it's important to understand the possible outcomes before attempting to draw from it.

As a general rule, results of the Time Portal are completely random. It doesn't consider any factors such as what kinds of skill-sets your Crew might be lacking in. However, there are certain expectations that can safely be had:

-A single pull from the Standard Time Portal will most likely yield a low quality Component or piece of Equipment, with a possibility of more valuable results.

-A 10x pull from the Standard Time Portal is guaranteed to yield at least one Uncommon or betterCrew member, and otherwise functions like 10 Standard single pulls.

-A single pull from the Premium Time Portal will most likely yield a Rare Crew member or set of Rare or better Schematics, with a possibility of more valuable results.

-A 10x pull from the Premium Time Portal is guaranteed to yield at least one Super-Rare or better Crew member, and otherwise functions like 10 single Premium pulls.

-In virtually any pack, you have some small chance of encountering a "Behold!", which allows you to select one of three Crew of the same rarity (either Super-Rare or Legendary). There are no Crew that appear exclusively in or out of Beholds; it simply allows you some added agency in the results of your pack.

-Some specialized Limited Time Portal packs offer a better chance than normal of obtaining a specific Crew or Ship Schematic. These are referred to as "Best Chance" packs, and while they are a good option when seeking a specific Crew member, there is no guarantee that the featured Crew will appear.

-A limited pack associated with an Event has a greater chance of including Crew featured in that Event. In addition, a 10x pull from these packs guarantees that at least one of those Event Crew will appear, filling the normal requirement that there be at least one Super-Rare or better Crew awarded.

-In some rare instances, you might see a Limited Time Portal pack with a much higher price point than usual. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the details of that pack before diving in, as there are a few different varieties that offer different guarantees. Some examples of these include a guaranteed Legendary or guaranteed Beholds.

If you're ever uncertain about what to expect from the Time Portal, you can find the details on a particular pack by tapping the "i" at the top-right corner of that pack.

Please note that the drop rates listed do not constitute a guarantee. For example, if you have a 1% chance of obtaining a Legendary Crew, this does not mean that you are assured one Legendary Crew within ten 10x packs; merely that each pull has a 1% chance of yielding a Legendary.

In the event that you are guaranteed one of a number of Crew of the same rarity, those Crew will have an equal chance of dropping. For example, if you pull a pack guaranteeing one of three Legendary Crew, each of those Crew have equal chance of dropping regardless of any prior pack results or Crew already owned.

Lastly, unless explicitly stated, a Behold is not guaranteed. In addition, Beholds are in no way obligated to deliver Crew that you do not already own. Beholds are designed only to be a very rare occurrence that offer slightly more agency in the results of a pack.

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