How do I improve my crew?

There are three main ways to improve your crew--which will prepare them to succeed at increasingly difficulty Away Team missions and starship battles:

  • Increase their level. To do this, bring the crew with you on Away Team missions and starship battles. When you succeed at a mission, they’ll gain experience points. When they’ve earned enough experience, they’ll gain a level, up to the maximum level allowed for that crew. You can also use training programs to increase their level outside of missions.

  • Supply them with better equipment. Each crew member has four equipment slots in which you can give them equipment. The immediate advantage of giving them equipment is that it can improve their skills and starship abilities. Once you have filled all four equipment slots, you can also advance your character!
    Advancing your character does the following:
    • The crew member’s maximum level will increase by 10.
    • The bonuses granted by the original items will become a permanent part of the crew member, and you’ll now free up space to give them more powerful equipment, to enhance them further

  • Improve their star rating. Each crew member has a maximum star rating that ranges from 1 to 5. When you fuse two crew members of the same star-rating (by choosing “Upgrade” from the crew member within Crew Quarters) they will combine into one crew member with the next-higher star rating, and improve their stats!
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