The Replicator

The Replicator can be found in the Crew Quarters, alongside the list of missions that can be run to get components, items, and equipment.

The Replicator allows you to generate items by using other items present in your inventory.

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The cost of items that are destroyed in the replication process - the “fuel” needed to replicate - are based on the quality of the item that you’re trying to craft. Crafting components will be generally cheaper than crafting more complex equipment, for example, and crafting five-star equipment will require more fuel than four-star equipment.

Using the Replicator takes Credits (currency) and Fuel (inventory items). Much like regular crafting, the cost increases as the quality and item level of the item you are creating increases.

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Almost all equipment can be replicated, with the exception of some special items such as Gold-Pressed Latinum.


Limited daily uses

The number of times the Replicator can be used on a daily basis is dependent on your VIP level:

VIP level 0 up to VIP level 3 1x/day
VIP level 4 up to VIP level 7 2x/day                      
VIP level 8 up to VIP level 11 3x/day
VIP level 12 up to VIP level 13 4x/day
VIP level 14 5x/day


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