Wicked Realm Games Community Participation Guidelines

Wicked Realm Games is dedicated to our players and to fostering amazing communities around our games. In order to foster amazing communities, we ask anyone who engages with Wicked Realm Games representatives or fellow players on our forums, across our social media platforms, and in-game, to abide by the following Community Participation Guidelines.


  • Don’t be mean! Abuse of other community members, which includes other players as well as Wicked Realm Games staff, will not be permitted. This includes any racist, sexist, homophobic, threatening, harassing, or other personally offensive or derogatory comments. We are all human beings and deserve respect, especially online. We find it 100% unacceptable to abuse any member of the community.
  • Keep to the topic. Don’t post irrelevant stuff. Practice good community etiquette. Off-topic or repetitive threads, posts and comments are subject to editing, deletion, closure, or being locked by Wicked Realm Games moderators. Some examples of this content might include spam, promotional material, duplicate posts, copyrighted or trademarked material, personal information, trolling posts; or anything that is generally vulgar, uncivil, or disrespectful that could be considered disruptive to the community at large. We ask that you also not post private messages or content, which includes private interactions with Wicked Realm Games moderators or player support representatives.
  • No trolling. Trolling is contributing mostly negative posts about Wicked Realm Games, its games, other players or player groups in an attempt to aggravate other community members or cause unrest. Please don’t do it. Trolling inflames the community and creates a negative environment. It is OK to provide criticism, but please do so in a constructive, respectful, and non-repetitive manner. If you see trolling occur, please report the trolls instead of engaging with them. It will make our community a happier place.
  • Please do not use profanity, offensive language or attempt to bypass our word filters. We use language filters that allow for the automatic removal of offensive or otherwise unacceptable words and phrases that we do not want in our community areas.  We ask that you respect this filtering process. If you feel as though you have been wrongfully filtered, please send us a Private Message describing your issue.
  • See something, say something. We aren’t aware of all activity, so if there is something that you feel needs moderator attention, please send a Private Message describing the issue.
  • Each person is allowed one forum account. Make sure you are being you. Alternate accounts will be deleted. Do not create a new account if you, by chance, are banned from the forum from your original account. Contact us via our Player Support Portal if you feel you have been banned from the forums in error. Don’t pretend to be someone else -- another player, a Disruptor Beam employee, or a celebrity or other well-known person.
  • Contribute meaningfully. Lastly, as a member of our community, we hope that you will make an attempt at participating -- regardless of the channel -- in a meaningful and genuine way. This means trying to reduce “low effort” posts: negative one word, ironic, passive-aggressive or derailing posts. We ask that you make attempts to contribute to the conversation with this in mind. With more people interacting in this way, the quality of the experiences of every individual in the community will only be more positive.


These rules don’t exist to restrict your experience, but instead to ensure that everyone who chooses to be a part of our game communities has safe, happy, and friendly experiences. Above all else, we ask that everyone treat each other with respect and remain on the topic of our games and the stories that inspire you. We will step in and moderate posts at our discretion and reserve the right to take action, which could include banning (from posting on the relevant page or site or, in extreme cases, banning from our games) persistent violators of these guidelines.

While these guidelines are posted on and apply to our website and forums, they also apply to all of our social media channels and in-game chat (private or public). Please also note that these guidelines are in addition to our Terms of Service.

We are all here to have fun, so let’s have some fun!


  • The Wicked Realm Games Community Team


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