You've enlisted your Crew, requisitioned a fine Ship, and now it's time to pursue every Captain's dream: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

A Voyage is a mission to do just that. You'll select your Ship and staff it with your finest Crew from all walks of the multiverse, and set out to discover as much as you can with the resources you've stocked up.

Every Voyage has a set of desired Traits and featured Skills, which shape the expectations and objectives of the Voyage. Matching your Crew and Ship to the desired Traits will provide extra Antimatter, which serves as the lifeblood of your voyage; if it runs out, drastic measures will need to be taken to save your stranded Crew.

Matching your Crew to the featured Traits, on the other hand, will leave you better equipped to handle the challenges that lie ahead, which can ultimately allow you to evade Hazards that might have wasted some of that precious Antimatter. Be aware, however, that the further into deep space you venture, the harder these challenges will become, and there will be a point where further progress may be futile.

Throughout your Voyage, you will have the opportunity to Recall your Ship, ordering the Crew to return with the discoveries they have made up to that point. As Captain, you will walk the fine line between braving the unknown and cutting your losses, but ultimately, you will need to make the call when to turn back; there is no finite end to exploring the vast expanse of space.

During your Voyage, you will also periodically encounter Dilemmas. You may be tasked with de-escalating a conflict, mediating a matter of Federation law, or simply navigating the minefield that is Starfleet politics. How you choose to resolve these Dilemmas may impact the immediate outcome, as well as the options available to you further along in your mission.

To access your active Voyage, you'll need to pull up your Galaxy map, and then tap the bottom-left icon indicating the status of your Voyage. Voyages become available at level 8.


Be advised: Voyages update in real-time, and depending on your connection strength and other factors, it is possible for your client to become out of sync with the server, leading to delayed updates regarding the status of your voyage. A vigilant Captain should check their Voyage often, and restart the game in between those check-ins to ensure up-to-date information.

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