The Battle Arena

The Battle Arena is a place where you can hone your command of space combat and seek recognition among your peers by competing against simulations of other Captains.

There are three Divisions of the Battle Arena, designed to represent different levels of access to ship models and personnel. Proving yourself in one Division can help you accumulate resources to better maintain your position, and in some cases, qualify for a higher Division.

When you enter the Battle Arena, you'll need to set up your Ship and Crew for optimum performance even without you in the Captain's chair, as other Captains will have the opportunity to challenge a simulation of your lineup and claim your rank if they are victorious. Don't forget to employ Crew who can leverage your Ship's abilities with their own; keep an eye out for abilities on your Ship that allow for Cloaking, Positioning, or Boarding, and match them with Crew who know how to take advantage of those scenarios via "Triggers".

In order to challenge the simulator, you'll need a Battle Arena Ticket. Starfleet issues 10 Battle Arena Tickets to all Captains each day, and an ambitious Captain can always purchase more. You'll be presented with three potential opponents, but if you don't like your chances, you can refresh your opponents as many times as you like. Bear in mind that you will never be served opponents below your Rank, or more than 500 Ranks above you. If you successfully defeat the defending simulation, you will take their Rank, and they will fall to yours.

Once per day, all Ranks are evaluated by Starfleet and rewards are issued to the participants via your Communications inbox. Don't forget to claim them, as they will expire after a few days!

Once you have achieved a Rank in a Division, you'll need to fight to keep it. If you don't compete in that Division for 14 days, you may be removed from the Leaderboard to make room for those who are actively participating.

To access the Battle Arena, tap the bottom button that cycles between a ship silhouette and Defiant Commander Worf's portrait. The Battle Arena becomes accessible at level 10.

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    Marc Elite

    Funny how within 5 seconds of your death they have done over 700k damage with a lesser specked ship,hacks I guess.

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