My game was reset. What should I do?

If you install the game on a new device, or reinstall to your current device, you may find yourself back at the beginning of the tutorial. This does not mean that your game data has been deleted! However, your device does not know your login details, and has instead created a new account for you. Game data is not saved directly to your device, and thus cannot be deleted in this manner.

If for some reason your account/game was reset, you have 2 options:


1. Your account was registered with an email address and a password (disruptorbeam account)

To login into your account, please follow these steps:

- start the game

- play and progress until you can see the Menu button at the top-right corner of the screen

- go to Menu -> Settings

- choose Create an account -> then choose Already have an account? 

- sign in with your email address and password


2. Your account was not registered

Submit a help request via this portal, or via the game itself.

Explain the situation, and provide as much details about your account as you can. Particularly the name that you gave yourself in game, as this is how your account can be easily located. If you have made purchases, please provide a copy of the receipt of your latest one.

If the data available is not enough to locate your account, at minimum, we can transfer the value of any purchases previously made to a new account as long as we have a copy of the receipts for reference.


Note: For Facebook users, while we can locate and restore access to your account, we may be unable to restore the Facebook association to that account. This is a symptom of Facebook syncing technology, and while we are investigating a potential solution, at this time there is no workaround. You will be able to log into that account on other non-Facebook platforms, however.

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