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Greetings, Captains:


You asked for it, and we heard you! STAR TREK TIMELINES is now available in to play in your browser through Facebook Games, and on your Windows PC desktop with Facebook Gameroom. Now whether you’re out exploring the Alpha Quadrant or safe in your crew quarters charging your devices, your crew, fleets, squadrons and events are at your fingertips, ready to explore strange new worlds.


We hope you are as excited as we are, but we also anticipate you’ll have a few questions. We’ve written a FAQ to answer them below. As we hear more from you, we will update this document with new answers. As always, feel free to ping us on Facebook or Twitter with questions.


  1. Can I use my existing mobile account to play on Facebook Games as well as Gameroom

    Absolutely! You will need to first play Star Trek Timelines on your mobile device and reach level four to authorize the Facebook app, but after that you will be able to seamlessly shift between the mobile and desktop versions of the game. Instructions on linking accounts are available on Facebook Games. Your currency, crew, progress, and everything else will be with you no matter where you log on.

  1. Do you need a Facebook account to access Facebook Gameroom?

    Yes - but since Gameroom is a desktop application for Windows, you will not need to log on to your Facebook account through your browser to access the game. Just open the Gameroom desktop application.

  1. Do I need to use my existing STAR TREK TIMELINES account or can I start over with a new account?

    Although you can start over with a new account, if you do so, you won’t be able to go back and link your existing account to Facebook.

  1. What if something I bought on the App Store or Google Play does not appear on Facebook?

    As always, if something in the game is not working the way it is supposed to, please open a ticket with our Player Support team.


  1. Will anything be different about the game?

    Depending on your home computer, you may see some differences in graphics between the Facebook Games version, the Gameroom version, and the mobile version.  Other than that, gameplay will be identical save that you will be clicking to interact rather than tapping. In addition, we’ve eliminated some background sounds to improve performance in the game. Otherwise, all events, challenges or other in-world things to do will be the same from one version to another.


  1. Can I invite my Facebook friends to play with me in Facebook Games or Gameroom?

    We encourage you to visit with your friends online or in real life and invite them to join you in STAR TREK TIMELINES﹘the Alpha Quadrant needs all the help it can get. If your Facebook friends play STAR TREK TIMELINES and you shared you friends list with us, they will appear in your in-game friends list.


  1. Why aren’t you on my other favorite web platform?

    It’s always been our goal to make the game available to as many players as possible. Currently, Facebook allows us to most efficiently offer STAR TREK TIMELINES to the largest audience of potential players.


  1. What’s this Gameroom thing all about anyway?

    Facebook Gameroom is a forthcoming Desktop App for Windows computers. The beta version of Gameroom is now available to download.


  1. I can’t download Gameroom on my macOS laptop. Is it in the Mac App Store?

    Currently, Gameroom is not available for macOS computers. If this changes will will let our players know as quickly as possible.


  1. Is Star Trek Timelines on Facebook supported on all web browsers?

    Star Trek Timelines for Facebook is currently supported on Google Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers, such as Safari and Internet Explorer, may not run the game as intended, and we highly recommend switching to one of the aforementioned browsers for the best experience.


  1. I play STAR TREK TIMELINES in (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese) on my mobile device, can I change languages on the web version?

    Yes--the same language options available in the mobile version will be available in the Facebook Games version of the game.

    Please note that the game will likely start in English for you unless you have already selected your desired language.


  1. Can I reset my account?

    You’ll need to file a support ticket via this portal. The “reset my account” button will not exist on Facebook Games.


  1. How can I contact Player Support?

    We’ve built a new support interface into the Facebook Games version of STAR TREK TIMELINES. Contact directly us through the game or via this portal to file a ticket.


  1. It seems like it takes longer to load on Facebook Games than it does on my mobile device.

    Different devices, platforms, and browsers have different load times. Also, STAR TREK TIMELINES uses high-resolution graphics to make the most immersive gameplay possible. As a result, some players may experience different load times. We are always working on improvements to gameplay and performance, however, and we hope to reduce load times for most players in the future.







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